Work With Laura

Want to get off the emotional rollercoaster of divorce? Want to achieve better outcomes? Save money in legal fees? Work with me as your coach.

As a divorce coach and mediator, I give you the knowledge, tools and perspectives to successfully navigate the process of divorce … while also finding your true self and reinventing your life.

Let’s use this time to get you unstuck and moving forward without fear. Coaching will give you a strategy for your divorce, but also a springboard for creating the life and career you want. You don’t need to be alone in this process. And you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. The best practices you’ll learn through coaching will help you make better decisions, achieve better outcomes and save big money in legal fees.

I put you in the driver’s seat so you can LEAD in this process and your life!

I offer several different ways you can work with me
at any stage of your divorce.

Pre-Divorce Coaching

Divorce is an overwhelming decision to make …especially since marriage is such a huge emotional and financial investment. Pre-Divorce Coaching is for individuals or couples who need to get unstuck around what to do next. Do you spend even more time trying to save the marriage or do you move forward with divorce? How to decide? What to do next? Fear, self-doubt, anger and sadness are paralyzing.

Pre-Divorce Coaching gives you the clarity to know which path serves you best AND helps you map out a strategy for the steps you need to take for achieving your goals.

Pre-Divorce Coaching addresses:

  • Marriage Rescue
  • Divorce Preparation & Strategy (Especially With Mental Health Disorders, Narcissism & Alcoholism)
  • Putting Family First In The Divorce Process
  • Conflict Resolution

Divorce Coaching

There IS a better way to get divorced. You’ve invested a lot in this marriage and you don’t want to end it lightly or damage your family. I help you move forward with peace, compassion and respect that will reinvent your relationship as co-parents and preserve your family in a new structure. I also know where all the pitfalls are in the divorce process. Divorce Coaching is for individuals or couples who are in the divorce process and need the knowledge, tools and support to negotiate with confidence and make better decisions.

Divorce Coaching addresses:

  • Divorce Preparation & Strategy (Especially With Mental Health Disorders, Narcissism & Alcoholism)
  • Putting Family First In The Divorce Process
  • Conflict Resolution In The Divorce Negotiation
  • Co-Parenting


Post-Divorce Coaching

So, you made it through your divorce. Now what? It’s another whole new playing field for you in reinventing your personal and professional life. Where to start? What to do? And how can you make sure you aren’t repeating old patterns? Post-Divorce Coaching is for individuals who need to finally release the past and move forward with clarity and courage.

Post-Divorce Coaching addresses:

  • Personal Reinvention
  • Professional Reinvention
  • Dating & Relationships After Divorce
  • Co-Parenting

Don’t Need Coaching,
But Want The Knowledge And Tools To Do It Yourself?  

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