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Julie S

“I had no idea where to start when I was fairly certain I wanted to file for divorce. A google search led me to divorce coaches and ultimately I hired Laura to be my coach. Hiring Laura was the absolute best decision I could have made! I started this process scared, broken and unsure what…

Andrea T

“Laura, by far, is a remarkable life coach, and I have had, and continue to have an amazing and empowering experience working with her over the last 5 years. Her guidance, even in my darkest periods, has impacted my life significantly, and without her, I’m honestly not sure where my mental space would be right…

Jennifer L

“Our coaching sessions made me realize that I do matter, my choices and boundsries are my own. No one but myself can dictate these things. Realizing that I’ve been gaslighted by an alcoholic spouse and that im not crazy, or alone, has been a valuable realization. It really helped to know i wasnt the first…

Jon B

“Working with Laura forced me to confront reality, center myself, and plan for the path ahead. She constantly reminded me that my fears about things that haven’t happened yet, were just that, fears. I thoroughly enjoyed the personal growth exercises and highly recommend her.” — John

Beth L

“Having a coach allowed me to proceed through my divorce with confidence, thoughtfulness and good advice from someone who only had my best interest in mind.” — Beth


“After I left my ex and moved out of the house and before I found Laura I didn’t even know that divorce coaches existed. Following a few therapy sessions, I googled looking for a life coach as I really wanted to move forward fast. Soon I realized that, unfortunately, it wasn’t possible, I had to…

Ryan W

“Laura helped me change some  of the behaviors that limit my personal happiness and cause repeated patterns of conflict with my spouse. She also helped me identify my core values which has helped create a clear path to greater fulfillment in my life.” — Ryan

Marilyn K

“Laura has been a wonderful guide and coach helping me navigate through my very stressful, roller coaster of a divorce. She gets right to the point in focusing her questions on what you really need to look at. I highly recommend Laura’s guidance in any horrible divorce situation you may have to go through.” — Marilyn


“Laura was the person who knew the most about my divorce. She always tried to calm me down, and to help me see the bigger picture. I loved having someone to talk to who was on my side, but didn’t have a stake in the divorce in any way. She was able to support me…

Amy L.

“If you want to stop the bleeding from the pain, anguish and confusion of being gutted by a narcissist, you can stop it.  I found Laura by searching for “divorce coach / narcissist”.  She is the right fit for this situation. The free consultation is no joke and not a waste of time – it…

Marie P.

“Laura Miolla is more than a Transformational Life Coach.  She has a magic wand that she waves with love and strategy to give her clients the best results.  As an IIN Health Coach myself, I know the importance of being coached through life challenges and I was very pleasantly surprised when I started working with…

Caroline A

“Laura’s help was invaluable as I transitioned out of a 12 year marriage and a life that felt full of unnecessary pressure, disappointing and frustrating at times. My experience with Laura helped me get a better appreciation of the woman I’ve always been during one of the most difficult timed in my life! From the…