“I came to Laura not knowing what to expect.  I was miserable in my marriage and I knew I needed something (someone?) to help me finally make a decision about what to do.  I came across a blog post of hers and called her the same day.  I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get through this process on my own.  When you are thinking about divorce, it’s like deciding to leave everything you know and enter into some kind of strange, dark abyss where everything is mysterious—possibly horrifying and possibly glorious, and possibly both.  What I came to learn, through Laura, is that my marriage/divorce is only a small part of the puzzle of why I feel stuck, undervalued and prone to listening to critical voices that have been following me for years.  Oh my god, I did not know I was going to go there with Laura!  I thought we were going to talk about divorce!  So far in my time with her, we haven’t much talked about divorce or how much of a jerk my husband is, or my lawyer will be, etcetera.  Without wasting even a single moment, Laura systematically helps me uncover (and debunk) all the reasons I’m settling for less than I need, want and deserve.  After only a few sessions, Laura has helped me see that I’m like the person clinging to the wave-beaten detritus for fear of drowning when the island paradise is only a few yards away.  I just have to let go and swim!  One more thing… Laura specializes in divorce but I think anyone dealing with life’s challenges (be it divorce or something else) can benefit from working with her.  She is a truly talented and practical coach.  She has high expectations of you and I think you will have higher expectations of yourself after even a few sessions.” — Teresa