“Laura, by far, is a remarkable life coach, and I have had, and continue to have an amazing and empowering experience working with her over the last 5 years. Her guidance, even in my darkest periods, has impacted my life significantly, and without her, I’m honestly not sure where my mental space would be right now. Being in a place of confidence, peace and security in your own mind is the foundation for making sound decisions in your life, when everything feels challenged, difficult, and sometimes impossible. I can 1000% attribute my success in being able to navigate my life as a result of Laura’s coaching, guidance, and love. Her passion for what she does resonates in her work, and she clearly cares deeply for her clients. There isn’t anyone else I’d rather have by my side to help me navigate this journey we call life with anyone else other than Laura. I am beyond grateful to have found her 5 years ago. THANK YOU, LAURA! YOU. ARE. REMARKABLE!” — Andrea