“If you want to stop the bleeding from the pain, anguish and confusion of being gutted by a narcissist, you can stop it.  I found Laura by searching for “divorce coach / narcissist”.  She is the right fit for this situation. The free consultation is no joke and not a waste of time – it is real and genuine.  It is the exact lifeline I was looking for.  Her help, understanding and knowledge of how to put together the skills at the right time for the right issue is clear and evident in your first consultation.  My audible.com library is a content list of Help Me Help Me books –  How to Survive a Narcissist and all of the top books for dealing with the abuse of NPD.  My life was gutted two years ago and I am still crawling out.  I was closeted, unknowingly by my husband of 18 years.  As he built a separate agenda of hooking up and exploring his sexual identity, I was losing my life, not knowing what the problem was in our marriage but keeping devoted to my vows.  Finally I found his porn addiction, hook ups and lost or hidden money. I found I was a survivor and learned about the Straight Spouse Network.  Rebuilding my life at 61 and anxious to get back to thriving again with my creativity, I then found Laura.  The caring confidence and skills she offers make me begin to see how I can gain control of this closure and focus on a new beginning. I feel in my heart and know I can thrive again. She is caring, and focused and she’s your road ahead – she can give you the tools you need no matter where you are in this process.  She is a real person helping you survive the damage of a fake person.  Just what I was hoping to find.  Her website, tools, organized manner and concise communication is outstanding.” — Amy