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What Casual Sex Can Teach You After A Divorce

If you lost yourself in your marriage, a fun fling after your divorce can introduce you to … YOU again! She was 40 and had just initiated her divorce. He was 28 and single. They met at a business conference and spent one crazy night together before heading back to their respective lives. She had…

If Nothing Else, Hold On To Gratitude During Your Divorce

How would a heaping portion of gratitude make a difference in your divorce? Divorce comes with its own unique blend of emotions. It contains all of the typical feelings associated with a break-up, like hurt, rejection, anger and self-doubt. With divorce, though, all those feelings get intensified and mixed together with an extra helping of…

Feeling Lonely After Your Divorce? Use it!

If you’re only “coping” with loneliness, then you’re not really coping at all. Loneliness is universal. We all know what it feels like, that empty ache in the chest. And loneliness is probably the most common emotion people experience before, during and after divorce. I know I did. Even during my marriage, I was lonely.…
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3 Tips for Embracing Your Single Mom Status

Being a single mom can be challenging AND liberating. Which perspective do you want to choose? A neighbor of mine happened to say in conversation “Well, now that you’re a single mom …” and it took me completely by surprise. I didn’t realize that I was going to be put in the “single mom” category…