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3 BIG Ways Professional Women Get F*cked In Divorce!

You believed marriage was 50/50 … and it wasn’t. So, why do you think your divorce will be? I know you. You’re smart. You’re persistent. You’re goal-oriented. You’ve worked hard your whole life. You worked hard at school … to create more opportunity for yourself. You worked hard to get that right job … when…
5 Mistakes Divorce Attorney

Guest Article: 5 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Divorce Attorney

Avoid These Top Mistakes To Get The Most From Your Attorney And Your Legal Fees! by Kate Kennedy Researching my book “The Great Alimony Myth”, I had the pleasure of talking to many knowledgeable and well-intending attorneys. I always found that lawyers are interesting to chat with because their education and interpretation of society through…
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Guest Article: Don’t Argue Over the Microwave … The Smart Way To Split Your Stuff During Divorce

Keep Calm And Carry On When It Comes to Dividing All That Stuff From Your Marriage. by Kate Kennedy When you decide to divorce there are many, many tasks that loom over our heads such as selecting a mediator, looking up legal advice, processing emotions, going to counseling…and dividing your things. While this appears to…
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Guest Article: Top 6 Alimony Myths

Be smart about your divorce. Don’t buy into these alimony myths! When divorcing, one of the most contentious topics to settle is alimony, also commonly known as spousal support. Spousal support is intended for the recipient to maintain the ability to provide for themselves after the divorce is final. I have spent years researching alimony…
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Divorce Sucks! Don’t Go It Alone!

Working with a divorce coach will help you succeed—not just survive, your divorce. There are a few major milestones in life—or rites of passage—that change your life forever. These milestones include going to college, getting your first real job, living by yourself for the first time, getting married and unfortunately for about half of you, getting divorced.…