Meditation Is A LOT More Than You Think It Is!

VIDEO: Meditation Is A LOT More Than You Think It Is! What happens to your brain on meditation? Watch my brief video to learn how they are connected AND how you can use meditation to your advantage.  Download the TranquilMe app for iPhone or Android or visit Tranquil Spectrum  to explore guided meditations.  Visit One…
law of attraction

Forget New Year Resolutions! Tap Into The Law Of Attraction Instead

Resolutions set us up for failure, so leverage the Law of Attraction to make true change in your life. Apparently, this is the time, more than any other time of the year, when we’re allowed to dream. This is the time when we’re supposed to write down our goals or resolutions for the coming year.…

Thrive During Your Divorce With These 4 Self-Care Tips

Self-care is about more than just a mani-pedi or a new haircut. It’s about nourishing your soul. Women are traditionally care-givers. Unfortunately, we are sometimes so busy taking care of everyone else, we forget to take care of ourselves. I see it all the time as a divorce coach. My clients start talking about everyone…