how to divorce successfully

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Divorce Can Be The Best Decision You’ve Ever Made

Is your marriage shackling you to an unfulfilled life? How many years have you been allowing what you don’t like in your marriage? And how many compromises have you made that just didn’t feel good? I’m not talking about leaving the toilet seat up or the toothpaste cap off. I’m talking about where you wanted…

Overwhelmed By Your Divorce? Avoid These 7 Mistakes!

Don’t let “divorce overwhelm” hijack your divorce and cause you to make these mistakes! I confess. I was completely overwhelmed by my divorce. Where once I had been on solid ground, now I was at sea without any sense of how I was going to stay afloat, never mind what direction I needed to take.…

How Chopped Got Me Through My Divorce

Use These Lessons Learned From Chopped to Feel Like A Champion In Your Divorce! I’ll be honest. I didn’t start watching the TV show Chopped to learn anything. In fact, I only started watching it during my divorce. Everyone has their own “numbing” strategies for giving themselves an emotional break. There’s even a joke in…
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7 Steps To Choosing The RIGHT Divorce Lawyer

All divorce attorneys are not the same. Make sure you find YOUR perfect fit! It’s difficult to know where to turn when you’re faced with divorce. Few of us have had any prior experience with the legal in’s and out’s associated with this difficult process. In my divorce coaching practice, I’ve heard too many stories…