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Knowledge = Power! So, my goal is to give you as much knowledge as possible to successfully navigate this process and create the life you want and deserve. Want to know what it takes to WIN in divorce? You need knowledge… to inform your decisions. You need tools… to make this process less costly. You need expert guidance… to learn best practices, tips, and tricks to move forward fast. And, you need step-by-step checklists, worksheets and exercises… to know exactly how to proceed at every stage of the divorce process.

You don’t need to rely on high-cost lawyers just because you don’t know what’s up ahead and around the corner.

My DIY Divorce Survival Kit transforms that mountain into a clear, straight path in front of you. It empowers you with the step-by-step knowledge, guidance and tools to tackle this challenge head-on with courage and confidence! And I specifically designed it as an affordable DIY resource for you to SAVE valuable time and money in legal fees. The more you can do BEFORE hiring a high-cost attorney or mediator the better!

I want you to use all that money toward your LIFE, not down the drain of this divorce.

The MoxieMembers-only space gives you access to the knowledge, tools and expert advice that will help you WIN in your divorce … your career … and your life. 

“This toolkit was a life-saver for me! I was paralyzed and didn’t have a clue what I needed to do to move forward in my divorce. I was afraid of making a bad decision and so, I wasn’t making any decisions! All the resources helped me get started on moving through this process step by step. It took away all the guesswork and, surprisingly, a lot of fear. And I thought I had to hire a lawyer (at a $5000 retainer), but realized I didn’t have to with this toolkit. We went through mediation instead and saved a ton of money.”
— Andrea