A Blueprint for Surviving & Thriving Before, During & After Divorce

So, imagine… you don’t have to Google anything else about divorce. The answers are all here … in one place. The DIY Divorce Survival Kit has everything you need for EVERY step in this process.

The DIY Divorce Survival Kit includes:
  • Divorce Toolkit (Checklists, Worksheets & Exercises to Navigate the Legal, Financial & Emotional Landscape Before, During & After Divorce)
  • Video: Top 10 Mistakes Women Make in Divorce (And How to Avoid Them)
  • 12 Podcast Interviews with Experts (Such as Tina Swithin, Kristen Eykel, Laurie Ann Davis, Alison Patton and Rebecca Bitton… among others)
  • Guide: Top 10 Tips to Navigate Divorce Faster & With More $$$ In Your Pocket
  • Guide: Divorce Survival Guide
  • New Exclusive Content Added Throughout the Year

You’re just one step away from getting the knowledge, guidance and tools you need to stop this divorce chaos, get organized and feel confident you’re moving forward in the right direction. Invest in yourself and win in your divorce!

Purchase today for just $197 and receive access to all exclusive current and future survival kit content, as well as the support you need to maintain your fearless approach to life, work, and divorce!

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