Facing Divorce, Lamar Odom Hired A Life Coach To Turn His Life Around … And So Can You!

After a very public crash and burn with his marriage, coaching is the one resource that can help Lamar rise from the ashes again. 

Before last year, Lamar Odom was best known for his two NBA championships as a forward for the Los Angeles Lakers and for being married to Khloe Kardashian. After the Lakers, his professional career hit a dead-end and then everything blew up in 2013. His public descent from grace included a DUI and sordid tales of drinking, cheating, and crack abuse before culminating in Khloe filing for divorce. In a relatively short period of time, Lamar Odom became a very public poster child of how bad decisions upon bad decisions lead you straight down the road to rock bottom. And divorce is rock bottom. You have to re-build your life again from scratch. And while most of us haven’t made the spectacularly bad decisions that Lamar has, we still said or did things that led us down the same road.  So, how do we re-build our lives from here? How do we make sure we don’t make the same mistakes? How do we find the fulfillment and happiness we deserve?

Just days ago, it was reported that Lamar Odom hired a life coach. So, why is that important? Well, firstly, this appears to be the first good decision Lamar has made in quite some time. And, secondly, coaching is uniquely suited for helping people get “un-stuck” and turn their life around, especially when dealing with divorce. So, what can coaching do for Lamar … and you …. right now?

Identify Your Patterns

Coaching provides a safe, confidential space for you to explore what is difficult to explore. We identify your negative patterns, self-limiting beliefs and inner critics and examine how they are sabotaging your life. The first step to change is to open your eyes and acknowledge your inner demons. You might not even realize they are there. But they are. And you have been blindly reacting to whatever they tell you. Own your life. Be intentional and not reactive. Everything is a choice. Make sure your choices are being driven by your positive intention and not by your saboteurs.

Give You Clarity

Coaching explores what you really want in your life and what is most important to you. Knowing what you want, and what you need to have, in your life is key to attracting it and moving towards it with intention. Especially during a divorce, you need to have a positive vision of how you want your life to be, so you can make better decisions for yourself. Acknowledging what is most important to you will drive you forward with clarity and purpose. And all of your decisions will be helping you realize your dreams.

Empower You

Coaching also identifies all of your inner assets and resources – all the things you are proud of and love about yourself. These assets represent your inner strength, wisdom, courage and compassion. You need to acknowledge those parts of yourself and use them to achieve your goals. Know that your inner resources will always help you make better decisions and lead you forward with purpose. And unlike your saboteurs who physically drain you, your resources will fill you with power and strength.

Give You An Action Plan

Unlike therapy, coaching is very action-oriented. There is typically always a request, inquiry or challenge at the end of a coaching session … homework that you are asked to complete in-between sessions. This homework represents the baby steps you need to take to move closer to your goals. You can always say yes, no or negotiate around your homework assignment. What is important is that you are making small steps towards change. And making change or breaking old patterns requires practice. Nothing changes overnight and you can’t expect to reach your goals immediately. There are always steps along the way. And there is always something to learn from each one.

Hold You Accountable

Coaching also holds you accountable for the change you are trying to make in your life. You only have one life and if you want to live it with intention, you need to do what you say you are going to do. So again, this accountability takes practice. We start with these homework assignments. If you agree to complete one, you will be held accountable for it in the timeframe agreed upon. On a larger scale, you are accountable for your life … and the change you want to make in it.  Baby steps and lots of practice are the way you begin to live your life with intention.

Given these tools from coaching, I have no doubt that Lamar Odom will be turn his life around. It might even save his marriage. So, regardless of what has you stuck, consider coaching as a powerful resource that can help you make positive change in your life.

Laura Miolla is a leadership and divorce coach empowering women to use personal and professional challenge as a springboard for positive change. Please contact Laura via moxielifeleadership.com or moxielifedivorce.comOr click HERE to schedule your confidential consultation!

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