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I help professional women successfully navigate DIVORCE … by stepping into LEADERSHIP and using it as a springboard for POSITIVE CHANGE. 

Divorce is CHAOS … BIG CHANGE … THE SCARY UNKNOWN. I know. I’ve been there. And now, being on the other side of it it, I know it was the best, and most challenging, thing I’ve ever done. And from this place, I can tell you that the most important thing you can do to successfully navigate divorce is to be a leader in this process … and not be a victim of it. Achieving true mastery over yourself and your actions … regardless of the chaos around you … will help you make decisions you are proud of (versus ones you will regret), achieve better outcomes and reinvent your life and career. 

I created MoxieLife with 4 key cornerstones or beliefs:


1. Divorce is a gift … to you and your partner. It’s a gift to leave an unfulfilling relationship and create the life you want. It’s a gift to allow and embrace pure freedom to walk the path you choose for yourself. And it’s a gift to know that you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. You can grow and evolve from this experience and create the life you want. And so can your partner. Not doing so would deny your partner of that opportunity.


2. Divorce is the dissolution of a legal contract, not your family. You can preserve and even enrich your family relationships during and after divorce. You just need clarity and intention to create what you want.


3. Our jobs as parents is not to shield our children from change … it’s to teach them resilience in the face of change. Remember, you are teaching them how to live life based on how you live yours.


4. Divorce is an opportunity to step into your power and leadership. To truly be successful in this process, you need to own it by taking charge in this process and in your life. Using your leadership skills here will help you create the personal and professional opportunities you want.

The bumps in the road aren’t meant to stop you. They’re there to help you learn something you need … to get to the next step. And they’re there to help you appreciate that you are walking (running, jumping, leaping) on your the path at all.