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How I Lost My Marriage & Found Myself

Clarity often comes like a bolt of lightning out of the blue. It’s a shock that opens your eyes to a whole new perspective. A client of mine called hers a miracle. Mine was like waking up – the kind where you sit straight up, instantly awake, and look around not recognizing where you are,…
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Feeling Lonely After Your Divorce? Use it!

If you’re only “coping” with loneliness, then you’re not really coping at all. Loneliness is universal. We all know what it feels like, that empty ache in the chest. And loneliness is probably the most common emotion people experience before, during and after divorce. I know I did. Even during my marriage, I was lonely.…
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divorced family

Don’t Let Divorce Destroy Your Family

Divorce is about the dissolution of a marriage, NOT the family – unless YOU let it be that way. People often experience divorce as if it were a big wave that swept them off their feet, over a cliff and carried them out to sea. They flounder. They struggle to breathe and stay afloat. And…
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Thrive During Your Divorce With These 4 Self-Care Tips

Self-care is about more than just a mani-pedi or a new haircut. It’s about nourishing your soul. Women are traditionally care-givers. Unfortunately, we are sometimes so busy taking care of everyone else, we forget to take care of ourselves. I see it all the time as a divorce coach. My clients start talking about everyone…
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brain fog

Help! I’m in a Divorce Fog!

Can’t remember or understand what your divorce attorney says? It’s not you … it’s divorce fog! It’s a common occurrence. Almost everyone I know going through a divorce says they can barely remember anything their lawyer says. I call it “divorce fog.” And science has proven that it is a real thing. Multiple studies have…
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divorce sadness

Divorce Sucks! Don’t Go It Alone!

Working with a divorce coach will help you succeed—not just survive, your divorce. There are a few major milestones in life—or rites of passage—that change your life forever. These milestones include going to college, getting your first real job, living by yourself for the first time, getting married and unfortunately for about half of you, getting divorced.…
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single mom

3 Tips for Embracing Your Single Mom Status

Being a single mom can be challenging AND liberating. Which perspective do you want to choose? A neighbor of mine happened to say in conversation “Well, now that you’re a single mom …” and it took me completely by surprise. I didn’t realize that I was going to be put in the “single mom” category…
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collaborative divorce negotiation

Collaborative Law: A Divorce Option You Might Not Know About

You might not know about collaborative divorce – but you should if you want to gain more control over the divorce process and create a cooperative co-parenting relationship. I recently attended a 3-day training on Collaborative Law hosted by the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council. Collaborative law is a process that focuses on dispute resolution versus…
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divorce has a bad rap

Divorce Gets a Bad Rap

If stepping outside your comfort zone is the only path to personal growth, then divorce puts you in the express lane! No one wants to talk about divorce. Most people will do their best to avoid it … and you … entirely. In most peoples’ minds, divorce equals failure. Failed marriage. Failed love. Failed dreams.…
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happiness revenge

In Divorce, Happiness is the Best Revenge

Divorce can hit you like a hurricane you never knew was coming. The storm around you is fear, doubt, confusion, anger, rejection and sadness.  Maybe you initiated the separation or maybe your ex did. Regardless, divorce feels like a drastic last step off a cliff into the unknown. And the scariest question of all is:…
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marital separation

Is Separation the New Divorce?

Even though the institution of marriage has long been idealized in the United States, the traditional rules our parents lived by have started to bend and break.  For instance, it has become the norm for people to live together before they are married.  No big deal, right?  But think about it for a minute. Just…
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money tips

7 Money Tips for Getting Divorced

Divorce is hugely stressful with money being a central player orchestrating most of the drama. Money stress is often a key contributor leading to divorce. And these days, money often dictates how long people stay together, unofficially separated, before they can afford to get divorced. And if you are in the middle of your divorce,…
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i'm sorry

Don’t Tell Me You’re Sorry I’m Getting Divorced

When I finally told my family, friends and acquaintances that I was getting divorced, almost universally, everyone responded by saying how sorry they were. And I have to admit that my immediate reaction to that was less than stellar. I was secretly offended and pretty ticked off. Why should they be sorry about my divorce? …
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total cost of divorce

The Total Cost of Divorce

Everyone has the best intentions when they get married. Couples share their dreams for building a life together through love and partnership. But life doesn’t always work that way. There are so many reasons why couples get divorced – infidelity, incompatibility, addiction, abuse, loss of love – and when they do, there is a lot…
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avoid divorce

7 Things You Need to Know BEFORE Getting Married to Avoid Divorce

The institution of marriage has long been idealized in the United States, especially when compared to other developed nations in the world. Here, getting married for the first time is a huge milestone in most people’s lives. Little girls dream about it. Mothers and fathers insist on it. The gay community lobbies for it. It…
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