Divorcing A Narcissist?

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A Message From Laura

Divorce is a fear-inducing, soul-crushing and gut-wrenching transition in your life. And as a woman who owns your own business … or works in Corporate America … then the emotional, legal, financial AND professional impact of your divorce will be much greater … quite simply, because you have more to lose.

As a professional woman, the impact is not just on your marriage and your lifestyle, but also on your career and financial future. This is the time to step into your leadership, your power, and create the life you want … without letting divorce cripple you, your bank account or your business. As a divorce coach and mediator, I help you successfully navigate the emotional, legal and financial aspects of divorce, as well as avoid the many pitfalls that accompany this process.

Work with me … before, during or after your divorce … to gain the knowledge, tools and support you need to minimize the impact of divorce on your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being … as well as on your family and professional career. The impact of coaching will not only help you save valuable time, money and sanity in the divorce process … but also support your growth and evolution as a leader in your career and industry.

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“Laura’s insight and wisdom are second to none. She pushes me to live my best life, and I eagerly recommend her to anyone.” — Robin

About Laura

I help professionals successfully navigate DIVORCE …
by stepping into LEADERSHIP and using it as a springboard for POSITIVE CHANGE.

Self-limiting beliefs associate disruptive change with chaos. And yet, the only constant in life is change … meaning there will ALWAYS be chaos. Achieving personal and professional success requires you to step into LEADERSHIP and achieve true mastery over yourself and your actions … regardless of the chaos around you. Leadership equals resilience in the face of change. And from this place, you will impact the world around you … based on what you are creating from within. And THAT is the impact I want to help you create.